A beautiful secluded Island in the mouth of one of Iceland’s largest glacial rivers. Raw and stunning nature. Wild salmon feasts and starry nights by the firepit. Isolated but easily accessible. A great base to explore Iceland’s incredible south, perfect for recharging the soul with minimal distraction from modern life.

  • Relaxing boat rides
  • In the fog
  • From the air
An island that escaped

Traustholtshólmi is a place of stunning beauty. Its history traces back to the Icelandic settlement but in 1676 it was detached from the mainland by a flood isolating it from modern history. The only building is an old renovated stone house, otherwise it is mostly untouched with tall grasses, sandy banks and a vast sky decorated with northern lights in winter and midnight sun in summer. Wind and sun generate enough electricity to charge electronics and run wi-fi but otherwise it is completely “off-the-grid”.

Stay in a Mongolian Yurt by the Arctic Circle

The Mongolian yurts where you’ll stay are raised every spring for visitors. Perfect for staying comfortable but completely connected to nature, the walls are wool insulated and the space heated by a wood oven. Apart from your private yurt you’ll have access to shared bathroom and shower as well as a communal yurt where you can chat to strangers during windy nights.

Wild salmon fishing the farmer’s way – and a feast

After you have settled in Hákon invites you in the afternoon to join him in gathering the fishing nets where he catches wild salmon the farmer’s way. On the river bank you’ll get a fresh sashimi treat, an entrée to the evening’s three course feast by the fire pit.

Dinner consists of the freshly cought wild salmon with wild herbs and fresh vegetables grown on the island which you are welcome to join Hákon in picking. For longer stays other options can also be arranged such as local organic lamb.

Share stories, explore the mainland or enjoy being alone

In the afternoons after gathering the nets Hákon will invite you on a walk to explore the island and learn its history. Then the bonfire is lit and coals prepared for the grill. After dinner guests can sit around the fire or in the communal yurt sharing stories.

During the day you can get a boatride to the mainland to explore the incredible Icelandic south, amazing waterfalls, geysers, infamous volcanoes, black sands, barren and alien highlands or the old parliament site Þingvellir.

Your yurt is perfect for resting, reading and general soul-recharging. The island is small (approx. 1 sq. mile), perfect for nature walks, stargazing, spotting seals and birdwatching. Or you can just lie in the tall grasses and enjoy.

Want to visit Traustsholtshólmi?

Tours Dates

These tours are available from
June 1st to August 1st.

After the 1st of August and through September, the fishing decreases, but the potatoes are fresh in the garden and there is always newly caught salmon in the fridge.

Dining options

Hákon cooks a salmon dinner for guests on open fire. (Vegetarian options available)

Breakfast is included.

For longer stays, additional dinner options can be arranged.


3 Yurts that sleep 2 adults and 1-2 children each (free of charge)

30 m2 yurt used as common area for guests to enjoy.


Fire pit
Toilets + Shower. Shared.


Catching wild salmon
Nature walks
Stargazing and northern lights
Seal spotting
Boat trips

One night in a Yurt for 2 people  

Dinner experience and breakfast included

33.000 ISK

per person

A private day tour with the dinner experience


min 10 persons

19.800 ISK

per person


The whole island is yours for the night

Private night for up to 6 people
Dinner experience and breakfast included

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Absolutely secluded but close to everywhere

The Þjórsá river bank is only a 90 minute drive from Keflavik Airport which is connected to major international airports in Europe and N-America. When you get there the owner and single inhabitant, Hákon, welcomes you with his sheep-dog Skuggi (Shadow), and brings you over on a 3-4 minute boat trip.

How to get here from Reykjavík

Come lie in the tall grasses and experience the true  sense of seclusion and peacefulness that Traustholtshólmi  has to offer.